BMW M3 GTS by G-Power makes more than 600-hp

2011 BMW M3 GTS by G-Power
2011 BMW M3 GTS by G-Power

German aftermarket tuner G-Power has just unveiled a new supercharged performance package for the already awesome BMW M3 GTS.

Despite already being able to fully adjust the suspension, a 419-pound weight reduction, and contoured racing bucket seats, G-Power decided to step it up the next level.

The 4.4-liter V8 has been boosted to over “6xx horsepower,” (more than 600-hp) says G-Power. Official numbers have yet to be released.

Prospective buyers can expect a decent price hike over the already staggering $170,000 price of the basic M3 GTS. So yes, this is only for the most serious of the M3 enthusiasts.

2011 BMW M3 GTS:

– By: Chris Chin