NHTSA steps up investigation into 100,00 VW, Audi diesels

Volkswagen Golf

The NHTSA is stepping up an investigation into nearly 100,000 Volkswagen and Audi diesel vehicles due to fuel pump failures. The investigation is to now include 97,272 diesel powered 2009-10 Volkswagen Jettas, 2010 Golfs, and Audi A3s.

The NHTSA received 160 complaints with regard to the aforementioned vehicles, with approximately half of the reports alleging stalling incidents at highway speeds, with no restart. There has also been one minor crash alleged to have resulted from a high-pressure fuel pump failure.

VW has looked into the issue and insists that its design is not to blame, that instead, the issues are caused by gasoline contaminated fuel, stating that “even a small amount of gasoline in the diesel fuel may disrupt the necessary lubrication required and may cause” the fuel pump to fail.

The manufacturer issued a technical service bulletin in May 2010 in which it told dealers to inspect vehicles that have symptoms of fuel system failure, and that those vehicles in which it has been determined that the wrong fuel was used, would not be covered under warranty.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Detroit News