BMW Megacity vehicle could get a range extender as an option

BMW Lithium-Ion High Voltage Storage Battery

The BMW Megacity Vehicle, which is scheduled to enter production in 2013, may get an optional range-extender. BMW Financial Officer Frederick Eichiner recently told German website that the Megacity Vehicle may get small internal combustion engine, which can help extend the range of the vehicle and charge the battery while driving.

Customers will have the option to either purchase the BMW Megacity as a pure electric-vehicle or with a range extender. However, the customer would have to chose whether to have additional trunk space or forgo the space for a small internal combustion engine.

According to reports so far, the 5-seater BMW Megacity is expected to get around 160 miles on a full charge of its battery.

BMW Megacity (Teaser):

– By: Omar Rana

Source: (via BMWBlog)