Report: Hyundai working on BMW 3-Series rival

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

We are in a world war. Ok, now you may be thinking: well, where the heck is he going with that? And I’m serious, we are in a world war. Obviously, without the mass killings and bombs flying across your grandmother’s garden…but the automobile industry is in a world war if it doesn’t surprise you, against the Germans.

For years, the Germans have been the leaders in the automobile industry and everyone has become accustomed to trying to compete with them, many who’ve come very close, if not made equal, or even beat them at some times. So we’re used to the Japanese, the Americans, the English, the Italians…pretty much everyone you can think of, mainstream, have had their sights on the Germans for nearly all the history of the automobile.

It was not too long ago that whenever we looked at what Korea had to offer, we just mostly gagged, yawned, or didn’t even bother looking at all. In a sense, he was always the kid who everyone ignored because he never shouted about anything. But in the span of what seems metaphorically equivalent to a high school career, the kid all of a sudden turned into Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m talking specifically Hyundai. With examples such as the wonderfully successful Sonata, and the surprisingly good Genesis line-up, Hyundai shocked the world like that nerdy girl in grade school turning into Kate Beckinsale in college.

And a recent tip from Automotive News after an interview with Hyundai’s CEO John Krafcik said: “The Genesis Coupe is in the same segment, really, as the 3-series coupe. One of the things we’re thinking is: Should we do something that’s a sedan version of that?”

Now this news isn’t exactly, “news” but the interview solidifies Hyundai has a RWD 3er sedan fighter in the works. The Genesis sedan is already making the 5-Series sweat a little, so there’s no doubt in my mind that whatever Hyundai makes, will be nothing short of its expectations.

Of course, this is a lot of writing for just a small tip on a RWD BMW 3er fighter potential from Hyundai, for a blog like egmCarTech. But I feel that Hyundai is very much deserving of my extra time considering their nearly insurmountable success within the last decade. And when I see a company like Hyundai coming as far as they have in so little time, achieving what took its leading competitors nearly a century to accomplish, in nearly a fraction of the time, the Koreans are not to be taken lightly. Better watch out Germany, America, and Japan. The Koreans may soon be bringing the big guns (Like they haven’t already?).

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Inside Line