Acura confirms sports car plans… just don’t call it an NSX

Honda HSV-10 GT

Since Acura/Honda had stopped making the world’s best handling mid-engined car, the NSX, back in 2005, they’ve been toying with replacement ideas, all of which never made it into production. So we’ve kind of lost hope for the pioneering Japanese luxury brand, despite the Honda subsidiary confirming plans for a new sports car.

After Honda’s president told a Japanese newspaper that the make is still in the works of a sports car, he made sure to tell everyone that it will not be a follow-up to the legendary NSX. And this is after Honda axed their V8 program, NSX-replacement program, and altogether their general rear-wheel-drive development.

Honda stated that all of its plans were cut “due to the usual concerns of high cost and obscene consumption.” And this absolutely makes n sense because even Aston Martin has been working to keep up with the performance crushing CAFÉ regulations…albeit it’s not something we think they should be proud of but they’re just working the system. So if they can do it, why not a well-established brand like Honda?

Based on their current offerings, all of which are based on front-wheel drive platforms, are either front- or all-wheel drive, have either V6s or four-bangers, and the absence of a rear-wheel drive platform, things look bleak for Honda. Simply put, we’re equally just as worried.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CARandDRIVER