Eminem will not show up in anymore ‘Imported from Detroit’ commercials

Eminem in Chrysler's - Born of Fire Commercial

* UPDATE: It is now reported that Olivier Francois, head of marketing for Chrysler Group LLC, plans to meet with Eminem today to follow-up to discuss the success of their Super Bowl commercial and possibly discuss a sequel – Detroit News.

If you need any bit of inspiration in the morning when you wake up, we suggest you watch Chrysler’s ‘Born of Fire’ commercial featuring the 2011 Chrysler 200 and Eminem. The commercial is a part of Chrysler’s new ad campaign and tagline that has the whole industry talking – ‘Imported from Detroit.’

Well, don’t except the ‘Imported from Detroit’ ads to end there. Chrysler will be rolling out a bunch of other ‘Imported from Detroit’ ads but Eminem will no longer be showing up in them. However, Chrysler will continue to use most of the Detroit rapper’s music and some elements from the initial commercial will continue to be featured in other ‘Imported from Detroit’ ads.

“The intent was that this was kind of a onetime thing,” Chrysler spokesman Rick Deneau said about Eminem’s presence in the 2 minute commercial. “However, Eminem’s music will still be used in upcoming spots and the gritty tone will continue.”

Click through to watch the Born of Fire ad once again.

Chrysler ‘Born of Fire’ Ad Spot:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Free Press