Toyota launching aggressive ad campaign with incentives

2011 Toyota Highlander

Riding the wake of improved January sales, Toyota is launching an aggressive ad campaign full of incentives similar to those of Toyotathon, through March. The company will offer 0% financing for 60 months with $500 cash back from Toyota Financial Services for the Camry. An additional $500 will be available for loyal Camry owners.

US sales chief for the Japanese magnate, Bob Carter, has said that Toyota’s per vehicle expenditure on incentives for February and March will be significantly higher than the $2,179 spent in January.

“We will be leading the market. The market is still transactional-based, but this is going to get us off to a very fast start. We are going to stay aggressive in the market,” he said. “It’s our plan that we want to grow faster than the industry rate.”

Each region will see its own program of incentives, but the Corolla and Camry programs are nationwide.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News