Report: BMW may lease Megacity EV rather than offering it for sale

BMW Megacity (Teaser)

BMW says that it may start off leasing its new Megacity Vehicle on a short-term basis, rather than offering the zero-emissions electric-car for sale.

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“We’re looking for an alternative to traditional purchase or leasing of a vehicle,” sales chief Ian Robertson said. ”We don’t want to sell the car, but rather the use of the car.” He said that the ‘car to go’ concept is an interesting rout to take. “More and more people in large cities are looking for an alternative to the ownership of a vehicle,” Robertson said.

The German automaker may find it difficult to recoup the high development and production costs of the Megacity though sales. It is said that the final cost of the vehicle could prove too expensive for buyers. As reported earlier last month, the Megacity will be an ‘expensive’ car when it is first launched in 2013.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News