European Volkswagen Jetta could come to U.S. by 2014

Volkswagen has been frank about its intention to devise and implement different strategies for certain models in Europe as opposed to that for those models in America; primarily the Jetta and Passat.  The European Jetta for instance, is a decidedly much higher-end vehicle than its American counterpart.  The prices are distinguishably different as well, as the American base level Jetta comes with an older generation motor, solid rear axle, and five-speed manual transmisison, and starts at $15,995.  Compare that to the European base model which comes with a newer generation motor, multilink rear axle, and six-speed manual.  The starting price on that bad boy comes in at about $24,000.

Aside from the features, there are significant technological and material differences in the two vehicles, with the European Jetta being only slightly less-premium than its Audi counterpart.

American VW fans now have cause to rejoice, as Jetta Global Technical Project Leader, Frank Donath, has said that “There is the strong chance that the midlife Jetta for North America could get all of the European features. It depends on sales performance.”

The big question remains however, at what price will a more premium Jetta be offered?  While there is certainly a market for a more premium Jetta over here, it must be aggressively priced to appeal to the American buying public.

-By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Inside Line

Chris Chin

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