Cars may decide if driver is drunk in the future

Though it may take a decade, it looks as if cars will eventually be equipped with an alcohol detection device, determining a drivers fitness to operate a vehicle, according to federal officials and researchers.  The device will prevent a car from starting should it be determined that the drivers BAC is .08 or above.

There are current systems that perform the same function, however they are often mandated by a judge in connection to a previous drunk-driving incident.  They are very obtrusive objects that require drivers to blow into them.

The new systems will be different.  The Driver Alcohol Detection Systems for Safety as they will be called, will use sophisticated touch-based sensors placed on the steering wheel or door locks.  This process eliminates the need for drivers to take any extra steps, and doesn’t encumber those sober drivers from hitting the road sooner.

The NHTSA says that this technology can save as many as 9,000 fatal alcohol related crashes.

The technology is met with some doubt by critics, who say that more than anything, the technology will stop people who have one drink, or drink responsibly in a social occasion from getting behind the wheel.  Something that is currently both safe and legal.

-By: Stephen Calogera

Source: MSNBC

Chris Chin

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