Top Gear UK’s James May hates Top Gear US hosts… for their fantastic names?

Top Gear USA

We’ve been waiting eagerly for some feedback from Top Gear UK hosts on the American version of Top Gear and its hosts. First out of the gate with his judgement is James May, aka Captain Slow.

“The trio of presenters lined up for the American version of Top Gear have a head start on me, Jeremy and Richard, simply due to their fantastic names,” May wrote in an article on The Telegraph. “I don’t envy the three blokes who have this job, because they are required to adopt a format that is already, for some strange reason, watched all over the world in its original guise.

Here is May’s take on each of the Top Gear USA’s hosts:

On Tanner Foust: “We begin with professional racing driver Tanner Foust. Not only has he apparently emerged from the pages of Goethe, he actually sounds like he’s giving the car a thrashing. I can just see myself, hampered with the name James May, trying to charm someone at a ball-aching media function when this snake-hipped b—–d shimmies up and says: “Hi, Tanner Foust, racing driver.”

On Adam Ferrara: “Next up we find actor Adam Ferrara. He’s virtually named after a car, for Pete’s sake. Even if I’d achieved this distinction I’d be called something like Mr MG Magnette.”

On Rutledge Wood: “Finally, we have Rutledge Wood, who is some sort of automotive analyst. He has a beard, he’s been seen in lumberjack shirts, he has nerdy specs, he’s from Alabama and he might even be a bit chubby. I’ve read him described as ‘bookish’. And well he might be. In Britain, Rutledge Wood is probably a place where you should be careful not to step on any spent condoms, but over there he sounds more like the author of the Great American Novel, soon to be serialised in the mornings on Radio 4.”

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Telegraph