Green performance: Mercedes-Benz AMG will definitely use hybrid technology

Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG

Mercedes’ AMG line will use hybrid technology in the future to improve fuel consumption, at the sake of performance. The next generation of Mercedes’ high performance label will implement hybrid technology including stop-start and energy recuperation mechanisms.

Back in 2008, then CEO of AMG Volker Mornhinweg said that the company was experimenting with batteries and other electric devices with an eye toward boosting power. That is not the case now however, as the technology will primarily be used to improve fuel-economy and lower CO2 emissions.

“In the future AMG will still offer high performance models but there will be hybrids there,” Daimler’s head of future mobility and advanced engineering, Herbert Kohler said. “AMG needs to reduce fuel consumption.”

Another consideration regarding the implementation of electronics to boost efficiency is a device similar to the ‘range-extender’ used in the Chevy Volt.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: AutoCar