VW to go back and go over small details on its core products

According to the head of Volkswagen Group of America Jonathan Browning, the company will be focusing on its core of US products in order to regain its pioneer status. “Somewhere along the way, frankly, we lost our bearings in this market, and we failed to build on that emotional equity and became more of a marginal brand whereas once we had been pioneers,” Browning said today at the Automotive News World Congress. He said the automaker will have to identify design areas that it has been tripping over and remedy the situation.

The Passat, which was VW’s second-worst US selling car last year with 12,497 units sold, will get a redesign and relocation, as it will be built in Chattanooga, Tennessee. VW will also be bringing the popular European Golf R to the United States in 2012, as well as focus on diesel-powered models.

Volkswagen is vehemently working toward its goal of surpassing Toyota in size and profitability by 2018, by which time CEO Martin Winterkorn wants to boost VW brand sales in the US market to 800,000 units, and that of Audi to 200,000.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News