Hamann Victory II Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 gets wing doors, 580-hp

Hamann Victory II Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

Hamann has already done a Victory version of the first Lamborghini Gallardo and is now back with the Hamann Victory II based on the new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. The upgrades include engine performance enhancement and a bunch of carbon fiber body parts.

The Hamann Victory II replaces the regular doors on the Gallardo LP560-4 with wing doors, which is an essential part to a Lamborghini. Other upgrades include new fenders in the front, fender extensions, side skirts, air inlets on the roof and a new rear wing.

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Hamann engineers made some minor adjustments to the engine electronics and squeezed a total of 580-hp and a maximum torque of 398 lb-ft of torque. That allows the Hamann Victory II to reach a top speed of 204 mph.

In terms of wheels, Hamann offers the Victory II with 20 inch Edition Race rims.

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Hamann Victory II Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4:

Press Release:

HAMANN already presented the super sports car Victory based on the first Lamborghini Gallardo. With the latest Gallardo LP560-4, now also the new HAMANN Victory II is introduced. The car body becomes broader and the engine performance as well as the amount of carbon parts is significantly increased.

And what is the most essential part of a Lamborghini? Right, it is the wing doors. And nobody really knows why the Gallardo is not equipped with them straight away. HAMANN offers these for the Victory II. In addition, they offer an entire refinement of the original body design which starts with a new front apron in Race-design with a centre carbon part. With new fenders in the front and fender extensions in the back, the Victory II renders an even more remarkable appearance. Also, the extended side skirts and the air inlet on the roof – available in carbon as well – confirm this impression. The back of the car is enhanced by a diffuser and a newly designed rear wing which pushes the car onto the road at high speeds. HAMANN offers the rear wing either in fibre glass or the ultra light and persistent carbon. On top of that, a carbon layer can be applied to the bonnet.

HAMANN equips the Victory II with 20 inch Edition Race rims with a special varnish in order to emphasize the new dynamic look. At the same time, the reduced unsprung masses improve the handling and the acceleration and braking response. The recommended wheel/tyre combination is 9.5Jx20 inches with 235/30ZR20 tyres at the front and 13Jx20 rims with 325/25ZR20 tyres at the back.

By adjusting the engine electronics, HAMANN squeezes additional performance out of this Italian stallion, increasing its power to 427 kW/580 hp with a maximum torque of 575 Newton metres. Therefore, the HAMANN Victory II reaches an impressive 328 km/h top speed.

The impressive V10-Sound turns even more remarkable by applying an end muffler to the serial end pipes.

The interior of the HAMANN Victory II is enhanced by a 14-part carbon set which includes decorative blends, the steering wheel and the door openers. The HAMANN-sports seats with the carbon back render a perfect seating position. If desired, the HAMANN upholstery department can offer anything to make the customers’ hearts beat faster. Personalised floor mats or entire leather equipment, everything is handmade by master craftsmen. Individually designed for you and fitted to your car by experts.

For more information about the extensive HAMANN tuning programme, please visit the web site www.HAMANN-MOTORSPORT.com

– By: Zain Haq