Ford Fusion on its way to sell over 200,000 units

2010 Ford Fusion

There’s no doubt about it; Ford is going strong right now and the Fusion is one hot car. For the first time since 2004, a Ford model is about to hit the 200,000-unit milestone, and the Fusion is the one making the noise. In 2004, Ford sold 248,148 Taurus sedans and 208,339 Focus compacts. Both have approached, but neither has reached that number since.

If the Fusion indeed reaches the mark, it will be only one of six models to do so. The Toyota Camry and Corolla, the Honda Accord and Civic, and the Nissan Altima are the only models over that number this year.

The Fusion is the crux of Ford’s car line-up, and has certainly put the company’s car business back on the map, most notably so with the introduction of ’10 Fusion hybrid. Dealers generally agree that the model was a huge game changer for Ford.

Top Ford US Sales Analyst George Pipas is also excited about the Fiesta, and soon-to-be-launched all-new Focus. Despite the Fiesta’s less than stellar figures out of the gate, Pipas is optimistic. The Fiesta is fast gaining ground in California, a market in which Ford has had issue sin the past.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: WardsAuto