Report: Electric-car shoppers to have a wide array of selection in 3 years

Tesla Model S

It seems as if the electric car movement has hit an interesting paradox. Although a buyer looking to purchase an electric vehicle today might not have a wide array of options, three-years from now that will certainly not be the case. Manufacturers all over the gamut are preparing electric plug-in or hybrid vehicles, from the leaders like Toyota and Honda, to lesser-known startups like Fisker Automotive.

The venerable buffet of choices may leave manufacturers flooded however, as fewer than 7% of Americans say they are willing to even consider buying a plug-in car, and of those who may be willing to consider the move, fewer still are willing to double the risk and buy from an unknown company.

The big guys probably won’t feel too much of a hit, as most of their volume is still from conventionally powered vehicles, but smaller companies who are relying on the technology to build their business up, stand to get hit badly.

Coda, Tesla, and Fisker are in a different position however, as they make vehicles that are not in competition with mainstream vehicles, and have income opportunities based on the licensing of technologies.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: CNN