NYC to vote on change for taxi driver dress code

NYC Taxi

The NYC T&LC is scheduled to vote on a rule change that would insist on a ‘professional appearance’ from on-duty taxi drivers around the city. There are current standards for driver dress, but they are very basic, such as no exposed under garments and things of that nature.

“We’re not going to have the fashion police fan out all over the city looking for schlubbly dressed drivers,” T&LC Commisioner Yassky said. “This isn’t really something that you enforce in the legalistic way, it’s just a matter of TLC setting a tone.”

The idea of a dress code for cabbies was met with some indifference by both drivers and passengers. The official position of the T&LC is that cab drivers represent the city, and are often the first point of contact someone has in the city. As such, they should be neat and professional in appearance. Many passengers however, just care about getting to where they have to go.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Yahoo