Honda recalls 10,800 2010-2011 Accord, 2011 Pilot models

2011 Honda Pilot

Why do we cover recalls? Not because we have fun doing so or because it’s something exciting to read about. We cover recalls because we care about our readers and want to keep them informed about the issues their vehicles might be facing (aren’t we nice people?).

Either way, Honda has announced that it is recalling approximately 10,800 model year 2010 to 2011 Accord and 2011 model year Pilot SUVs to prevent a potential front suspension failure.

“A potential problem with the machinery used to tighten the spindle nuts on the front axles of both vehicles, as well as the damper attachment bracket bolts for the Pilot, may cause the front suspension of a small number of these vehicles to fail.” Honda said in a statement. “A flaw in the software for the equipment used for this assembly process was identified at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC (HMA). This concern is isolated to vehicles produced at HMA.”

Honda will start notifying owners of the vehicles today and will replace the necessary parts to make you feel safe again. Honda owners can go to or call (800) 999-1009.

– By: Omar Rana