U.S. gas consumption starts to slow down, could drop 20% in 20 years

Kim Kardashian

A number of factors could lead to a sharp drop in US gas consumption, experts say. Decline in demand and more fuel-efficient vehicles, will help U.S. gas consumption drop at least 20%. Gasoline consumption peak din 2006, since which there has been an 8% drop.

Industry heavyweights are also conceding that gas consumption has hit its peak, and that it won’t be returning.

“A combination of demographic change and policy change means the heady days of gasoline growing in the U.S. are over,” said Daniel Yergin, chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates and author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning history of the oil industry.

To understand the environmental impact, consider that the National Resources Defense Council says that by 2020, the improvements will be the equivalent to taking 32 million cars off the road; the same period will actually see an increase however, of 27 million vehicles.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Detroit News