Think now offers four-seater version of City electric-car

THINK City 2+2

Norway electric-car company Think has announced a four-seat version of its micro City car. The latest generation of its compact electric-car now comes standard with air-conditioning and a 5-year / 60,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first).

“At the heart of everything THINK does is flexibility to the customer – and we have just taken this a step further this Christmas with the introduction for the first time of the 2+2 seating configuration. Want to take the kids to school? You’ve got it! You need to carry a heavy load? No problem, the seats stow away giving largely the same load space as before,” said THINK Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Lock. “These advantages, coupled with our technical enhancements make the THINK City unquestionably the most attractive EV on the market.”

THINK City 2+2

Think recently kicked of production of its City electric-car at its plant in Elkhart, Indiana and delivered the first 15 units to the State of Indiana.

Think says its City can travel at highway speeds of up to 68 mph and cover 100 miles on a single charge.

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Press Release:

The latest generation THINK City is now available for the first time with four seats, and goes on sale across Europe this month.

OSLO, Norway, 20 December 2010

Powered by industry-leading lithium-ion battery technology from award-winning battery maker Ener1 in the US, and now with air-conditioning as standard, the latest generation THINK City offers the most complete electric vehicle (EV) package on the road today.

The latest generation model also comes complete with the THINK G4 EV DRIVE CONTROLLER – the heart of THINK technology. THINK G4 is the fourth generation proprietary power electronics system underpinning the THINK City EV. It is the most advanced EV system commercially available anywhere in the world, offering key benefits such as enhanced technical safety, improved real world range, efficiency gains and improved functionality and flexibility.

With the additional reassurance of a five-year warranty (or 100,000km – whichever occurs first) on both the car and the battery, there has never been a better time to enter the new and exciting world of EVs.

The THINK City is the world’s first EV to be granted pan-European regulatory safety approval and is homologated for sale as a passenger car across the continent. It is a zero emissions pure battery EV, built on a dedicated lightweight platform and designed as a modern urban car. It can travel at highway speeds of up to 110 km/h and cover 160 kilometres on a single charge with zero local emissions.