Driver gets stopped by same policeman in two different countries

Surely, many of us have been pulled over twice by the same police officer in the same town. But it must be one of the rarest of occasions to be pulled over by the same officer two years later in a country 12,000 miles away. That is exactly what happened to an unnamed man in New Zealand when he was pulled over by Constable Flitton of the Christchurch, New Zealand police pulled over a motorist for speeding, two years after pulling the same person over in England.

The man recognized the constable who recalled the incident after being reminded by the motorist, and the two shared a laugh over the matter.

‘We must have some sort of connection,’ said Constable Flitton, referencing the fact that the driver had only been pulled over twice in his life; both times by Constable Flitton.

Whatever that connection was, it was enough to get the man out of a ticket.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Dailymail UK