8 Celebrities Who Rock Green Cars

Jay Leno with the Jaguar C-X75

Although many people hate the environment for its smug megalomania, and frequent natural disasters, most celebrities seem to love it. While most celebrities phone-in support by wearing t-shirts and wristbands for charitable causes (also known as “slacktivism”), a select few walk-the-walk and drive-the-drive. The following celebrities rock environmentally friendly automobiles in support of polar bears and free tree love.

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1. Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Electric-car: Tesla Roadster.
  • Fuel Economy: Fully-Electric (245 miles on a single charge).
  • Price: $101,500.
  • Type of Car: Sports Car.
Leonardo DiCaprio owns a Tesla Roadster

For years, DiCaprio has been a huge proponent of green initiatives. He was the first celeb to own, and spread the Gospel, about the Toyota Prius in 2001, prompting him to exclaim, “I am the King of the World….’s first successfully marketed hybrid car!” DiCaprio has owned several hybrids and electrics over the years, including the Tesla Roadster, which is fully-electric, and can go from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds.

2. Cameron Diaz

  • Hybrid: Toyata Prius
  • Fuel Economy: 52 MPG
  • Price: $22,800
  • Type of Car: Mid-Sized Sedan
Cameron Diaz owns a Toyota Prius

“It gets 52 miles per gallon in the city. Isn’t that exciting?” Cameron Diaz said about her hybrid car in an interview with Jay Leno. Diaz went on to say in the interview, “The craziest thing is, ’cause all of a sudden you just, like, you’re sitting at the stop sign. And you can’t hear anything. And you’re like, ‘Omigod! My car has died!’ And then all of a sudden you step on the gas, and you’re going again.”

Despite inadvertently setting the hybrid movement back dozens of years by sounding like a 16-year-old girl, Diaz has been a vocal proponent of hybrid cars, and has been photographed extensively by the media while zooming around town in her Prius.

3. George Clooney

  • Electric-car: Tango 600.
  • Fuel Economy: Fully-Electric (range is between 40-100 miles depending on battery.
  • Price: $108,600.
  • Type of Car: Hatchback Mini.
George Clooney with the Tango 600

Known for being a loner, it is perhaps fitting that George Clooney is the proud owner of a Tango 600, a one-passenger fully-electric car. Maybe he got the one passenger car to prove to himself that he doesn’t need anybody—it’s just him, his Tango, and the open road.

Or maybe the one seat is just to inspire his ladies to climb on top of him, a la Kristy Swanson in The Chase. Regardless of its looks, this goofy car can move, going 0 to 60 in less than four seconds, with a top speed of over 130 mph.

4. Barack Obama

  • Hybrid: Ford Escape
  • Fuel Economy: 34 MPG
  • Price: $21,215
  • Type of Car: Mid-Sized SUV
Barack Obama with the Ford Escape Hybrid

Before he became President, and began being carted around by gas-guzzling motorcades and 747’s, Obama was driving a Ford Escape. In fact, after buying the green car, he said something like, “Yes we can…go on a family vacation to Laredo, Texas, on half the amount of fuel consumption of traditional mid-sized SUVs.”

American drivers everywhere applauded at first, but then took a 180 degree turn a year later, and blamed him for everything from traffic congestion to the rising prices of gasoline.

5. Dave Matthews

  • Hybrid: Honda Insight
  • Fuel Economy: 43 MPG
  • Price: 18,200
  • Type of Car: Mid-Sized Sedan
Dave Matthews owns a Honda Insight

Dave Matthews is a rock star who is known for his support of environmental issues. In addition to driving a Honda Insight, he has joined the fight against global warming, and uses bio-diesel fuel on his tour buses. His environmentally-conscious visage was slightly marred in 2004, however, when he was punished and publicly vilified for a pollution charge, after his tour crew emptied their bus’s septic system waste off of a bridge in Chicago. The band was subsequently fined $200,000 for this incident.

6. Paris Hilton

  • Hybrid: GMC Yukon Denali Hybrid
  • Fuel Economy: 23 MPG
  • Price: 22,800
  • Type of Car: Full-Sized SUV
Paris Hilton drives a GMC Yukon Hybrid

Paris Hilton has contributed to green initiatives in a small way, buying a hybrid SUV, a GMC Yukon Hybrid, and going on to say that it’s the little things people do every day that make a huge difference.

7. Jay Leno

  • Electric-car: Chrysler Crossfire (Retrofitted With a Lithium I-Cell)
  • Fuel Economy: Fully-Electric
  • Price: N/A
  • Type of Car: Sports Car
Jay Leno owns Chrysler Crossfire fitted with a lithium-ion battery

Jay Leno is a car buff. That has been documented. But an environment buff? In 2005, Leno bought the first lithium I-Cell-powered sports car. The battery allows the retrofitted Chrysler Crossfire to produce zero emissions, and reach speeds of more than 100 miles an hour.

This is all well and good, but considering Leno owns over 50 other cars, many luxury and high-performance sports cars that get less than 15 miles per gallon, you could hardly say that he’s “going green.” That’s like eating an entire bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and then having a bowl of sugar-free Jell-O for dessert, and saying that you’re “dieting.”

8. Al Gore

  • Hybrid: Mercury Mariner Hybrid
  • Fuel Economy: 34 MPG
  • Price: $23,565
  • Type of Car: Mid-Sized SUV
Al Gore owns a Mercury Mariner Hybrid

Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize for raising awareness of environmental issues, principally through his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, which he made after scrapping his original documentary idea that dealt with the shooting of Abraham Lincoln, entitled An Inconvenient Booth.

Because of this, Gore drives a Mercury Mariner hybrid. The Gore-mobile gets 34 miles per gallon—but it can go 25 miles per hour on zero-tailpipe-emission electric power. The car’s 2.3-liter engine shuts down when it is not needed, such as during coasting, idling at stoplights, and crawling through slow traffic.


There you have it: almost as much as attention, communism, and godlessness, celebrities love the environment. Judging from how many celebrities drive “green” cars today, it’s safe to say that if you buy a “green” car, you too will feel famous.

– By: The egmCarTech Staff