Video: Release your inner Ken Block with DiRT 3’s Gymkhana mode

DiRT 3's Gymkhana mode

We here at egmCarTech have a lot of respect for Ken Block and love his Gymkhana series. When DiRT 3 releases in 2011, the video game will feature an all-new Gymkhana game mode. The folks Codemasters Studios have released a new trailer video, captured entirely from in-game footage.

“Inspired by the 90 million plus views video series inspired by Ken Block, DiRT 3 Technical Consultant, the gymkhana mode lets you unleash your inner hoonigan as you perform stunts and jumps in purpose built arenas,” Codemasters said. “Express yourself in freestyle sessions or complete courses by performing spectacular stunts, racking up combos and chaining style points. You can also play or compete in online multiplayer and become a gymkhana stars by uploading your most spectacular runs direct to YouTube.”

Hit the jump for the press release.

– By: Zain Haq