Honda recalls 1.3 million Fit models worldwide regarding headlight switch

2007 Honda Fit

This is turning out to be a bad week for recalls. Following Volkswagen and Chrysler, Honda said today that it will be recalling more than 1.3 million Honda Fit units globally for a potential headlight problem. The recall will consists of a 1,355,217 units of the Fit from model years 2007 and 2008 – 143,083 will be recalled in the United States.

“Due to a problem with the routing of the wiring harness for the headlight control switch, the plating on the wiring harness connectors for the low-beam circuit can become worn after repeated use,” Honda said in a statement. “Worn plating on the connectors could result in corrosion and cause the connector to overheat and fail, resulting in a loss of low-beam headlight functionality. The high-beam headlight circuit and function are not affected. No accidents or injuries have been reported related to this issue.”

Owners of model-year 2007 and 2008 Honda Fit vehicles will receive notification to bring the vehicle to a Honda dealer for inspection. If needed, the dealer will replace the wiring harness terminal free of charge.

Honda owners can go to or call (800) 999-1009, and select option 4.

– By: Omar Rana