Critics say Honda losing edge… do you agree?

2012 Honda Civic Concept (Sketch)

In a market where critics say that Honda is losing its edge, the Japanese automaker gets ready to unveil the ninth-generation of its famed Civic, which industry experts say is going to be critical to Honda’s future success, at next month’s NAIAS in Detroit.

The Civic, along with the bigger Accord, has been the mainstay of the Honda fleet for quite sometime, and the Civic is now nearing the end of its lifecycle. That leaves many analysts wondering whether Honda will be able to stay competitive, considering the lackluster recent showings by both Honda and Acura.

“Honda has always been an innovative company,” said George Peterson, head of the market research firm, AutoPacific. “But lately they’ve been missing the mark.”

While these predictions might seem a tad off-the-wall considering recent increases in Honda sales, much of the increases have been due to the re-launched Honda Odyssey and old-line vehicles like the Civic, Accord, and Acura TSX. Lately, Honda’s recent models have fallen short of expectations.

One official says that the company is addressing these issues on both the Honda and Acura side, and plans to take a look at current models and seriously revamp its newer offerings.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: MSNBC