Volkswagen London Taxi Concept gets 186 miles on a single charge, could go global

Volkswagen London Taxi Concept

Earlier this year, V-dub unveiled the Volkswagen Milano Taxi Concept, based on the upcoming Up! city car. The automaker has now released the latest evolution of its plans to offer the British institution a fuel-alternative transportation for its citizens – the Volkswagen London Taxi Concept.

Also based on the Up!, the Volkswagen London Taxi Concept is powered by an electric motor fed by lithium-ion batteries. With a capacity of 45 kW/h the batteries allow the electric motor to generate a maximum output of 113-hp. Top speed comes on at 74 mph. On a full charge, the Volkswagen London Taxi Concept can average 186 miles.

The Volkswagen London Taxi Concept measures measures 3,730 mm in length, 1,680 mm in width and 1,600 mm in height and is shorter than the Volkswagen Fox. Nonetheless, the long wheelbase allows room for two passengers (three including the driver) and an area for luggage.

Will it ever be produced? Volkswagen says that while “the concept doesn’t adhere to current legal requirements regulating taxis in London it does offer an insight into the possibility of a future small, efficient taxi that offers an alternative to conventional fuels.”

According to a report by AutoCar, the London Taxi Concept is being “deeply considered” for production in 2013 and could go global, according to Klaus Bischoff, the company’s head of design.

The high-res gallery is posted after the jump for your viewing pleasure.

Volkswagen London Taxi Concept:

– By: Omar Rana