Mitsubishi planning ‘global small’ car, coming in 2011

Mitsubishi Global Small - Sketch

Toyota and Honda both recently unveiled their competitive B-segment vehicles for India and Thailand. Mitsubishi announced today that it will also offer a subcompact in Thailand and today announced a new third factory of its Thailand producer and distributor, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand.

“The third factory will be built adjacent to the first and second factories, and is planned to start mass production in March 2012,” Mitsubishi said in a statement. “It will produce the ‘global small’ 1.0-1.2L class compact vehicle that MMC plans to launch in fiscal year 2011. Initially, the production capacity of this new factory will be around the 150,000-unit per year level, and in the future it can be boosted to the 200,000-unit per year level. The new factory is planned to hire around 3,000 new staffs.”

The ‘global small’ vehicle that will be produced at the factory will be a brand new car based on a new platform that is currently in development with MMC with compactness, affordability and fuel-efficiency in mind.

What will it be called? What will it look like? Well, we have no idea what it’ll be called but it will look something like the sketch you see here.

– By: Zain Haq