Sales of compact cars are turning out to be a bit sluggish

2011 Ford Fiesta

When US gas prices hit $4.00 per gallon back in 2008, carmakers scurried toward the compact segment as consumers everywhere were trading their SUVs for more efficient options like the Toyota Yaris. Ford in turn, brought its best compact global offering back to the US; the Ford Fiesta.

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Contrary to industry prediction, the Fiesta is seeing rather flat sales figures, as is the rest of the segment. With its 3,473 units moved so far, the Fiesta sits behind the Nissan Versa, Hyundai Accent, and Honda Fit. Even the much-forgotten Chevy Aveo only came in a few hundred units behind the Fiesta. The Chevrolet Cruze sold 8,066 units in what is considered its first full month of sale.

We seem to have found the equilibrium between efficiency and size that is favorable to the public; the only cars on the market that seem to be floundering are the sub-compacts, while compacts, compact SUVs and midsize vehicle sales remain steady.

2011 Ford Fiesta:

2011 Ford Fiesta 2011 Ford Fiesta 2011 Ford Fiesta 2011 Ford Fiesta

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: KickingTires