Report: 60 Aston Martin One-77 units sold at $1.87 million

We’ve heard reports before that Aston Martin has sold all the 77 units of the limited One-77 supercar – well, that might not be the case after all. According to a report by Inside Line, Aston Martin has sold 60 units of One-77 so far at $1.87 million plus tax a piece.

That means we still have 17 units left to snatch up.

Aston Martin said that committing close to $2 million to a One-77, most buyers are having no problem also buying the Toyota iQ based Aston Martin Cygnet to go along with their purchase. Most One-77 buyers are purchasing the Cygnet in a matching color to their One-77.

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Refresher: Power for the Aston Martin One-77 comes from a 7.3L V12 producing more than 750-hp and a peak torque of 553 lb-ft. The engine is mated to a new 6-speed gearbox that allows the One-77 to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of over 200 mph. Only 77 units of the One-77 will be made selling for $1.87 million a piece.

– By: Zain Haq

Source: Inside Line