Lamborghini CEO showing next Murcielago to important customers for feedback

Lamborghini's New 6.5L V12 and ISR Transmission

The next-generation Lamborghini Murcielago won’t make its debut to public until the 2011 Geneva motor Show, however, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann is on a world tour to show the revamped supercar to some very elite customers.

“We’ve allowed the dealers to select which customers are invited instead of getting involved directly,” Winkelmann said. “They know who they need to invite because, in some cases, these are people they have been dealing with for many years.”

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Power for the next-generation Lamborghini Murcielago will come from a new 6.5L V12, which produces a total of 700-hp and 509 lb-ft. It will be mated to the company’s new ISR (Independent Shifting Rod) transmission, which is an automated manual gearbox that minimizes shift times by almost 50 percent than with a dual-clutch transmission.

Weight of the car will be significantly reduced from the current model.

Lamborghini’s New 6.5L V12 and ISR Transmission:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar