Anderson Germany Bentley Continental GT Speed Elegance limited to 150 units

Anderson Germany Bentley Continental GT Speed Elegance

Anderson, a tuning house from Dusseldorf, Germany, have announced a package to give the very refined Bentley Continental GT some added edge. Called the Bentley Continental GT Speed Elegance Edition, this vehicle provides both a performance and aesthetic upgrade to the luxury vehicle that some might argue needs neither upgrade. The power gets a bump of 70 hp, up to 685 hp total, and receives further improvements by both remapping the ECU on the Continental and by dropping 17 kg off the car’s curb weight.

The exterior and interior both also get significant dress-ups from Anderson. On the outside, a carbon fiber hood with air intakes and a deck lid accompany a front apron and new LED daytime running lights on the front of the car, while side skirts and a rear skirt are fit onto the back of the car. On the inside, carbon décor strips and carbon fiber trim accompany the front and rear consoles, as well as the interior light fixtures.

To wrap it all up, the passenger seats in this 2+2 coupe receive black leather finishes with white logos stitched in. Some might say these upgrades are frivolous for a car as already powerful and elegant as the Bentley Continental GT; regardless, Anderson have pushed forward: the fruits of their labor are impressive, substantial—and rare. The limited production run of 150 units will make this car about as rare as it seems it should be- and will make every owner of this car as proud of his machine as he should be.

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Anderson Germany Bentley Continental GT Speed Elegance:

– By: Zain Haq