Study says distracted drivers are likely smart and rich

A recent poll shows that the most distracted drivers are the ones with higher education and high paying jobs. The poll commissioned by shows that 93% of drivers admit to distracted driving.

While four in ten Americans acknowledge that their distracted driving has caused them to swerve, slam on the breaks, receive tickets, and even get into crashes, that number raises to 49% among college educated drivers, and 43% of all drivers that ear at least $75,000 per year. Those are the top tiers of education and income that were measured.

“The poll on distracted driving indicates that people who have brains and bucks are more likely to be the motorists you see who are eating, reading or even kissing behind the wheel,” said John Egan, managing editor of Bankrate Insurance, which owns “It appears that well-to-do, well-educated Americans are multi-taskers at work, at home-and in the car.”

Well that certainly makes sense; highly educated individuals with high incomes are most likely to have jobs that demand more of their time and devotion, hence the salaries they earn.

Discussion Point: How often do you engage in distracted driving?

– By: Stephen Calogera