Lotus steals executives from Ferrari and BMW

Lotus Elite Concept

Lotus’ new CEO Dany Bahar came from Ferrari, so the brand’s move to revamp its lineup to compete with the likes of Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini is understandable. Lotus announced today that it has now stolen another Ferrari executive along with another executive from BMW that will help the company achieve it’s new vision.

First up is Karl-Heinz Kalbfell. Based at the Lotus headquarters in Hethel, Kalbfell, formerly of the BMW Group, will provide operational support and advise CEO Bahar on the most efficient delivery of the business plan.

The next appointment made by Bahar is Guillaume Chabin as Director of Sales. Chabin held senior positions at Ferrari and prior to this he was involved in the re-launch of Bentley.

“We are very pleased to have both Karl-Heinz and Guillaume on board,” Bahar said. “One of the keys to the success of any business is having exceptionally talented people working together effectively, and Karl-Heinz has incredible experience from working in extremely senior positions throughout the automotive industry to bring to the table – he has proven time and time again to have the qualities necessary to succeed in a difficult and fickle industry. His main role initially will be to bring together all our existing efforts across the departments and ensure that we are working effectively as a united force. It’s not enough to have a great business plan on paper, we need to deliver, Karl-Heinz will play a crucial role in making this happen.”

– By: Omar Rana