McLaren SLR decorated with a gold-plated finish

Gold-Plated Mercedes-benz SLR

It”s not every day you get to see a car as expensive as the Mercedes McClaren SLR. For most people, the chance to see a car like this at a car show would be a significant experience.

Imagine, then, how people respond to seeing a car like the McClaren SLR 999 (which costs around $450,000 stock) has received a complete makeover. Its exterior is now lined with rubies, and the interior, lights, rims, and door panels are all covered in gold. The 600 rubies and 11 pounds of gold make this car worth $5.2 million dollars, an insurance price that doesn”t cover the manhours for this project- over 30,000, according to auto designer Ueli Anliker, who does this regularly for cars.

The car is currently in Dortmund for the MY car tuning show.

Gold-Plated Mercedes-benz SLR:

– By: Zain Haq

Source: WCF