Project Kahn’s Audi Q7 Project gives the behemoth a cool look

Project Kahn Audi Q7

Project Kahn  has made the “Audi Q7 Project”, a moniker that reflects their influence on the car.

The overhaul of the German SUV starts with a new paint job- Pearl Soft White paint makes any onlooker see that this car has no standard style. A custom, in-house body kit accentuates the Q7″s natural curves, which are highlighted by flared wheel arches and the accompanying vents. These wheel arches will sit over 22-inch Kahn RS-X wheels.

On the inside, all 7 seats get black leather with red stitching, red and cream dials, and a red and white speedometer. Aluminum foot pdeals and a new, wider glass roof complete the package. The entire package put together costs about $91,688- a steep price to pay for sure. For those interested in luxury, though, no price is too high- and Kahn”s project delivers luxury in excess.

Project Kahn Audi Q7:

– By: Zain Haq

Source: WCF