Automobile Magazine announces finalists for 2011 Automobile of the Year

2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

Automobile Magazine has announced the list finalists for the 2011 Automobile Magazine Automobile of the Year. The winner of the award will be revealed on Facebook on Nov. 16.

“Contenders for this year’s award represent a diverse mix of what the automotive industry is currently offering consumers,” Automobile Magazin said. “In fact, for the first time in AUTOMOBILE Magazine’s history, electric cars are included in the running, alongside traditional gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles.”

“The AUTOMOBILE Magazine Automobile of the Year is a car that is groundbreaking and establishes new standards in design, performance, engineering, and/or technology. The Automobile of the Year is an enthusiast’s car,” said Joe DeMatio, Deputy Editor of AUTOMOBILE Magazine. “Essentially, we are looking for a car with a story.”

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The Top 10 Finalists for the 2011 Automobile Magazine Automobile of the Year:

– By: Omar Rana