BAIC to offer battery-replaceable electric sedan in China


While electric-vehicles will cut down your monthly expenditure at the gas pump, you had better find another alternative if you want to go on a long trip of more than 100 miles. Currently, there are some solutions being offered with electric-vehicles.

Chevrolet’s Volt has an on-board generator that extends the range to more than 300 miles after the battery is depleted during the 40 mile range. Nissan is taking a different approach for its full electric LEAF by offering customers something more traditional for long trips.

Now there is another alternative, courtesy of Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Company. The Chinese automaker is offering a new electric-car by the name of C71 EV that kind of looks like a Saab. The C71, which costs around $45,000, comes with a 60Ah floor-mounted battery pack that can be swapped in just five minutes. Each battery pack offers a range of 93 miles.

The BAIC C71 EV should be available as early as next year.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: TechOn (via engadget)