Next Mercedes-Benz S-Class to set ‘new standards,’ take cues from F800 Style

Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept - Interior

The next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class is scheduled to go on sale in 2013 and Daimler AG says that the new model’s interior will set “new standards” for both design and quality. Mercedes-Benz says that the next-generation S-Class will not carry over anything from the existing model.

So what should you expect? Take a look at the interior of the F800 Style Concept and you’ll get a little hint of what you’ll see.

“This car [the F800] will have a really big influence on our production cars,”¬Ě says Jurgen Hirsch, Mercedes” concept manager.

Cutting back on the use of too many button and other clutter will be made by the introduction of a iPhone-style touchscreen. A range of new technologies will debut on the next-generation S-Class as well. The little gadget freak in us is really excited.

Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept:

– By: Zain Haq

Source: AutoCar