Alfa Romeo put up big Giulietta mosaic in Chelsea

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Mosaic

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta 5-door hatchback was launched last summer and to build some new buzz around the vehicle, Fiat SpA put up a big mosaic billboard in Chelsea created from thousands of photos from owners past and present, historic stills from film, TV and motorsport successes.

The billboard follows the tagline ‘We Are Giulietta.’

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“This piece of artwork communicates the brand in its centenary year extremely well,” said Damien Dally, Brand Communications Manager for Alfa Romeo. “Creating our latest Giulietta model from hundreds of images sent in by fans of the brand and from our heritage really sums up what Alfa Romeo is all about. Not only does the final outcome look fantastic, it also a great piece of memorabilia to mark this special year.”

Every contributor to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta mosaic will receive a Limited Edition print of the mosaic. The mosaic will also go on display at art galleries across the UK for fans to enjoy the creation up close.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Mosaic:

2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta:

– By: Omar Rana