Toyota recalling 135,000 units of the iQ in Japan and Europe

2009 Toyota iQ

Here we go again. Toyota announced today that it is recalling 135,000 iQ models in Japan and Europe for a software problem that may cause power steering to stop working.

“The issue affects certain iQ vehicles, produced between 11 September 2008 and 22 October 2010,” Toyota said in a statement. “When driving on certain roadside safety side strips or ‘rumble strips’, signals received by the EPS sensors may be incorrectly interpreted by the EPS control unit, triggering the EPS warning light. Should this happen, the driver would need to apply extra effort to steer the vehicle.”

There have been no reports of accidents or injuries related to the problem.

The Toyota iQ will head over to the United States in early 2011 but will be badged as a Scion.

– By: Omar Rana