Saleen Ford Mustang ‘Barricade’ from Transformers pops up on eBay

2005 Ford Mustang Saleen - Transformers Barricade

Car fans and Transformer fans are pretty similar, if for no reason but that they both like cool machines. That”s why it made so much sense to put awesome cars into the Transformer movies, and why a certain eBay Motors auction is going to get so much attention. The Ford Mustang customized by Steve Saleen and used in the 2007 Transformers movie is up for auction, and is advertised as follows:

“Motoexotica is proud to offer one of only 3 custom Saleen Mustangs built by Steve Saleen for their role as ‘Barricade’ in the 2007 movie blockbuster Transformers. Steve Saleen created only 3 ‘Barricades’ for the film and this was the #2 car, also known as the camera car.”

It was heavily screen used in the movie due to its attention to detail and no damage.” The car may not be smart to take onto the road, and it may get you into some trouble with the cops, but it”s a collectible. For car fans who love Transformers too (and that”s most of you), this should be a deal to sweet to overlook.

– By: Zain Haq

Source: eBay