CLP Automotive MR 600 GT BMW 645i gets scissor doors, lime green exterior

CLP Automotive MR 600 GT BMW 645i

It’s called the MR 600 GT, it’s a lime green and it has Lamborghini style scissor doors. Meet the latest creation by CLP Automotive, which takes the BMW 645i Convertible and turns it into something totally outrageous.

In terms of styling, CLP Automotive adds an aerodynamics kit which consists of two front wings, a wide front bumper, a couple of fender flares for the back, side skirts and a rear apron. For some extra green (and by green we mean cash) CLP offers a tailgate spoiler as well. The CLP MR 600 GT rides on 3-part alloy wheels with stainless-steel rings – 22-inches.

Power is increased to 374-hp via some ECU-remapping and a stainless-steel quad exhaust. Ride quality is enhanced by a KW Variant 3 coil-over suspension kit

CLP Automotive MR 600 GT BMW 645i:

Press Release:

This year CLP has already presented its extensive customization program for the BMW 6 Series E63 and E64 at various shows. We always strive to create something special, something unique and individual.

The Aerodynamic Kit MR 600 GT by CLP (5990 Euro) is the main component of the vehicle concept. Among other things, the wide front bumper, on the one hand, complies with the dynamics of the BMW 6 Series, but on the other hand, it effectively reduces lift on the front axle and ensures optimization of the air flow for effective cooling of high-performance braking system. The complete kit consists of two front wings, two rear fender flares, left and right side skirts and a rear apron. The tailgate spoiler (for an extra charge of 399 Euro) merged with the trunk lid is offered as a complete unit or separately at the customer’s option.

As appropriate wheels, CLP installed exclusive 3-part alloy wheels with stainless steel trim rings in size of 9.5 x22 inches and 11.5 x 22 inches, equipped with high-performance tires in sizes of 255/30-22 and 285/25-22. The cost of the wheel set is 8960 Euro.

In order to optimize the road adherence without limitations, a KW Variant 3 coil-over comes into play.

As all CLP products, these packages feature the highest functional quality and perfect craftsmanship. In addition to the existing body program, an electronic performance enhancement option is available now. The cost of the software optimization (645i) to 379 hp and 490 Nm is 1290 euro.

If you invest additional 1599 euro, you’ll get CLP muffler with four tailpipes made completely of stainless steel.

– By: Zain Haq

Source: CLP (via WCF)