Report: Sources say Lincoln considering luxury pickup

2006 Lincoln MKT

We”ve seen it twice before, and could soon be seeing it again; there are talks about another pickup truck coming to the Lincoln lineup, according to a source.

Lincoln previously attempted two forays into the pickup market in order to build off of Ford”s reputation for quality trucks while appealing to a different niche than other luxury manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes; the 2002 Lincoln Blackwood and 2005-2008 Mark LT both failed. A variant of the Mark LT lives on however, in the Mexican market.

Instead of a vehicle based off of the F-150 as with models past, Lincoln is looking to the Super Duty. The current concept is said to be a derivative of the 3/4 ton F-250 Super Duty, with exterior sheet metal work to distinguish the two vehicles, as well as an elongated cab and alternate interior to serve the same purpose. The vehicle will only be offered in a rear-wheel drive variant.

– By: Stephen Calogera