Report: Zeta RWD Chevrolet sedan, low-volume Cadillac back on the drawing board

Cadillac Sixteen Concept

According to a report by Motor Trend, plans for a Zeta rear-wheel-drive platform Chevrolet sedan have been revived by General Motors. The Zeta platform is also rumored to underpin a high-end, low-volume rear-wheel-drive Cadillac sedan that would be priced around $130,000. Both models are reported to be introduced sometime in the middle of the decade.

The report says that the new Zeta platform will be available in two wheelbases and will be significantly re-engineered using high-strength steel to keep the weight down.

The Chevrolet sedan will be developed on the shorter of the two Zeta wheelbases. The longer version of the wheelbase will be used for the Cadillac model, which will have a close resemblance to the Cadillac Sixteen concept introduced in 2003. A small V8 engine is under consideration for the model.

Take it with a grain of salt for now.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Motor Trend