NYC man jumps from building, lands on Dodge Charger, live to tell story

2008 Dodge Charger

When vehicles go through crash safety tests, engineers and administrators are looking to protect the passengers inside the car at all costs. To further this goal, cars today come out with very strong, rigid bodies-designed to sustain heavy impact and keep their form. As it turns out, these design principles can save lives in more ways than one.

On Tuesday, 22 year old Thomas Magill jumped from a 39 floor New York City high-rise, fully expecting to end his life. He had been miserable, finally saying I”m over it. But that day, Guy McCormack, a New Jersey construction worker, brought a red Dodge Charger to work.

Magill fell on the car and screamed in pain, then was taken to a hospital where he was treated for his broken legs. McCormack believes the event to be an act of fate; here at egmCarTech, we take the event as a reminder of just how amazing automotive engineering has become.

– By: Zain Haq

Source: NY Daily News