Next-geneartion Bentley Continental GT to be unveiled Sept. 7

2011 Bentley Continental GT teaser

Bentley confirmed today that it will unveil the next-generation Continental GT online on September 7, 2010. The model will get a week-long public reveal (available both day and night until Sept. 14) that will be hosted at with the opportunity for viewers to enjoy the drama of a formal auto show “˜unveil” as well as taking several bespoke and virtual tours of the Continental GT.

“In 2003 we designed a car like no other ““ a striking, luxury GT coupe combining the craftsmanship and refinement Bentley is renowned for with a purposeful, sporting road presence,” said designer behind the styling of the first, groundbreaking Continental GT coupe in 2003 and Bentley”s Design Director Dirk van Braeckel. “Now we”ve taken the opportunity to write a new chapter for the Continental.”

Bentley says that the “styling and design story in 2010 is just as dramatic and we believe this Bentley GT will be as instantly recognizable as its predecessor”

Bentley has delivered over 22,000 Continental GT models since the model’s launch in 2003.

We’ll bring you more details and images of the final product soon. Stay tuned.

– By: Omar Rana