Cadillac working hard on ‘crash-avoiding’ technologies

While you may have not noticed – Cadillac is apparently long been an innovator of safety technologies, “but the next innovation could really be a quantum leap forward towards a crash-free future…” or so General Motors says.

“John Capp, director for Global Active Safety at Cadillac, says future Cadillac technologies could include in-vehicle Doppler radar to spot obstructions or traffic jams ahead,” GM said in a statement. “Looking even further out, Capp sees autonomous vehicles that can communicate with each other, traffic signals and buildings, pointing to a world where cars may actually drive themselves.”

Umm, we’re not looking forward to a world where cars will drive themselves – but sure, it’s cool to see Caddy working hard at improving the safety of their luxury vehicles.

“We see things moving toward a point in the future where perhaps vehicles won’t crash,” said Capp. “We work on developing advanced safety technologies for Cadillac that alert drivers to potential dangers around them.”

– By: Omar Rana