BMW’s VP of marketing dies in tragic accident at his farm

Jack Pitney (on Left), Vice President of Marketing for BMW of North America

UPDATE: According to the sheriff”s department in Greene County, NY, on Thursday afternoon Jack was on his tractor at his farm in Durham.  As he was trying to pull a tree stump from the ground, the tractor flipped with him still on board.  The sheriff”s department arrived at 12:40 PM and Jack was pronounced dead at the scene.

BMW announced yesterday that Jack Pitney, BMW of North America Vice President of Marketing, was killed earlier today in a tragic accident while on vacation at his farm.

“We don’t have many further details to share with you at this time but wanted you to have the information as quickly as possible,” BMW said in a statement. “As we learn more details, we will keep you informed.”

– By: Stephen Calogera