Report: Range Rover Evoque to get FoMoCo’s 4-cylinder EcoBoost

Even though FoMoCo sold Land Rover to Tata Motors, the two brands still work together here and there. According to a report coming out of the UK, Ford’s new 2.0L 200-hp 4-clyinder EcoBoost is expected to be one of the powerplants to be offered in the new Range Rover Evoque crossover.

Sources say that the recent prototypes running the Nurburgring are running on the 200-hp EcoBoost but Land Rover will neither confirm or deny the reports. If the story is believed than city drivers have found the perfect crossover for their daily driving.

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That same engine will be offered in the new 2011 Ford Explorer but will produce close to 240-hp instead of 200.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar