2010 Paris Preview: Mazda2 hatch already gets a facelift

2011 Mazda2

The 2011 Mazda2 just went on sale in the United States but the European model is already getting a facelift later next month at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

The new facelifted Mazda2 gets a new front end with Mazda’s unique smiley face, an upgraded interior, upgraded Euro V powertrain line-up, an improved chassis for even better ride comfort and an automatic transmission version will also be introduced.

The facelifted Mazda2 will be joined by the Mazda3 and Mazda5.

2011 Mazda2:

Press Release:

Facelifted Mazda2 to premiere at Paris Motor Show

Leverkusen, 23 August 2010 – At this year’s Paris Motor Show, Mazda’s focus is on low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Mazda’s lightweight, Mazda2 ““ World Car of the year 2008 ““ has received a facelift and celebrates its European premiere at Paris with the following key changes:

New front end features Mazda’s unique family face and upgraded interior
Upgraded Euro V powertrain line-up
Upgraded chassis for even better ride comfort
Automatic transmission version introduced

Joining the facelifted Mazda2 will be the all-new Mazda5 premiering with a new economical MZ-CD 1.6 diesel engine. The Mazda5 people carrier is especially economic and family-friendly and offers:
A frugal and powerful 1.6-litre diesel engine (5.2 l/100km, 115 PS)
– 15% CO2 emissions in comparison to previous 2.0-litre diesel

New lightweight 6-gear manual transmission
An eye-catching design that sets it apart in the C-MAV segment
Enhanced Karakuri interior flexibility for up to seven people plus sliding rear doors

The new Mazda3 with an upgraded MZ-CD 1.6 diesel engine will also be introduced. Offering more power and torque, while lowering fuel economy and emissions, the new version features:

+ 6 PS more maximum power,
+ 12% higher maximum torque,
4.4 l/100km and 117g/km CO2

New lightweight 6-gear manual transmission

– By: Omar Rana